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Protein rich formula utilizes pastured/free range eggs from my farm for strong and shiny hair. No messy egg to deal with and no stinky egg smell to worry about. I hydrolyze the eggs prior to incorporating them to break the molecular structure down so the proteins can actually benefit the hair. Regular eggs that have not been through this process will not benefit the hair as the proteins are too large. This formula offers ease of use and fortifies the hair with each and every application. Very concentrated and thick. This is my favorite conditioner to use on my color treated hair-before AND after processing.

✨Doubles as a leave-in to reduce frizzy hair and keep strands moisturized and protected.


Three Sizes Available:

•14.6oz Large Size (Recyclable PETE Bottle, Filled To Capacity, Ships Priority)

•7.6oz Medium Size, FilledTo Capacity, Ships First Class

•4oz Small, Great Size To Try Out


|| Hair Conditioner For Dry, Brittle Or Fragile Hair In Need Of Repair ||

|| Wheat Free ||
|| SOY FREE ||

Contains no waxes, no 'cones': dimethicone, silicone, etc. Cones can be very drying to the hair as they do not allow moisture to adhere to the hair shaft as they build up from product use. This formula will not build-up on hair. Allows color to hold better.

This is a high protein formula created specifically for damaged/dry hair. For use on colored/bleached hair. Improves wet combing.

●Use as a weekly treatment or more often. Use before coloring and after. ●Use as a protein filler on ends before applying hair color.

Created for all hair types especially color treated hair. Reduces breakage and seals cuticle for more shine and color retention.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Pasture Raised, Hydrolyzed Egg, Cetearyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, *Jojoba Oil, *Argan Oil, *Extra Virgin Olive Oil, *Castor Oil, *Coconut Oil, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoyxethanol, Phthalate Free Fragrance Or Essential Oil(of your choice), Fruit Acid from Apples.

PH Balanced For Shiny/Healthy Hair


Choose From:

•Fresh Bamboo
•Cinnamon Bun
•Sweet Cinnamon
•Grape Soda-smells like grape soda pop
•Rose Garden-Smells like fresh cut roses
•Heavenly-VS Type
•Honeyed Almond-sweet honey notes with clean, raw almond notes
•Chai Tea-warm, creamy milk with spice notes
•Chocolate Mousse-smells just like chocolate mousse, light and creamy
•Day Dream-ethereal scent of sweet fruits and berries wrapped in white musk. Very Popular.
•Black Amber & Lavender-deep, sensual amber and lavender blend
•Blackberry Sage-Sage tempered with sweet blackberries
•Cherry Almond-similar to almond extract
•Enchanted Apple-sweet apple scent, minimal/very sutble spice notes
•Caramel Apple-sweet apples with notes of caramel
•Crystal Blue-clean ocean breeze, unisex/mannish
•Green Clover And Aloe-fresh, clean, unisex
•Candied Raspberry-smells like gummie raspberry candies
•Vanilla Cake-sweet, yummy-best vanilla(browns in creams/contains real vanilla)
•Vanilla Oak-warm, woodsy, unisex
•Green Tea(sweet version)
•Lemon Sugar-Type
•Woodland-woodsy notes with soft floral and musk undertones
•Passion Rose-sweet notes with fruit and rose
•Spiced Musk-deep, dark musk, unisex/men's fragrance
•Moonlit Pomegranate-sweet fruity floral
•Red Clover Tea-sweet more citrus fruity with floral
•Red Lychee Tea-sweet, exotic fruit with tea notes
•Peach-Straight peach aroma
•Sapmoss-green notes with moss, patchouli and powdered •musk/Unisex
•Spiced Green Tea-green tea with spice notes
•Cranberry Fig-sweet cranberries with fig, has a notable tang note
•Winter Grapefruit(Spa like/refreshing)-A Juniper Berry Fragrance
•Lemon, Sage & Ginger-fresh, citrusy clean aroma
•Pink Sugar

•Lavender E.O.
•Lavender & Grapefruit E.O.
•Patchouli E.O.
•Bergamot E.O
•Bergamot & Lime E.O.
•Lemon E.O.
•Lemon & Lime E.O.
•Ylang Ylang E.O.
•Ylang Ylang & Patchouli E.O.
•Sage and Lemongrass E.O.
•Ylang Ylang & Grapefruit E.O.
•Patchouli & Peru Balsam E.O.
•Patchouli & Basil (E.O. + fragrance blend)
•Unscented (will include antibacterial essential oil blend)
•Sandalwood & Patchouli E.O./Fragrance
•Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oils
•Lemongrass and Sage Essential Oils
•Tea Tree E.O.
•Tea Tree Lavender E.O.
•Tea Tree Lemongrass E>O>
•Lemongrass E.O.
•Rosemary E.O.
•Geranium E.O.
•Rosalina E.O.


Or choose your own blend and place in note to seller section upon checkout.


Customer's Testimonial:

-This is the best conditioner I have ever used, whether comparing to commercial or homemade. I have searched through everything out there to make my hair shine like the commercials:) This gives me great shine but also wonderful movement to my hair. My hair just looks really healthy and glows. I have never been able to attain this condition with any other products I've tried. I pair this with Elizabeth's shampoo bars. If you try any natural hair product here on etsy this is the one!! You won't regret it!

-omg this stuff is to die for! My hair has never looked so healthy and shiny. And it feels so nice too! Everyone keeps complimenting me on it!-Michelle

-I love this stuff! I bleach my hair and it can break off if I am not careful with the haircare that I use. Your conditioner is bringing that natural shine and bounce back! I can't believe how this stuff works.


What are the bonuses of using natural hair care-Will NOT cause breakouts!! Will not leave a buildup on the hair shaft leading to dry/parched hair, and contains no harmful ingredients or additives that can negatively effect health or our earth.

For happy, healthy hair. Last picture shows the regular use of the Protein Conditioner on bleached hair that has been processed several times and died to a medium brown.

***Please note: These products work best when paired with my shampoo blends.


****International Orders: Please contact me with your list of items and country for a Reserved Listing with accurate shipping charges****

Orders take approximately up to 14 business days to fill. Please visit my polices pages before ordering.


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✨Lis Noir Skincare is a mom owned business providing for the farm and family. I strive to live close to nature and support our ecosystem. I think you for your support!✨

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