Free Shipping || Cupuacu and Cocoa Offer A Creamy Contour To Soften And Soothe. Can also be used as a cream eyeshadow.

This is a waterless formula, similar to my lip color base.

✨Titanium Dioxide Free Formula✨

NO Hydrogenated Oils

°•○•°☆°Packed With Organic Vitamin E and A For Intense Benefits°☆°•○•°

•☆Water resistant formula☆•

Gently helps to improve skin condition with use. Provides extended hydration. Formulated to brighten.

A concentrated formula with high quality ingredients. Using organic and wild harvested ingredients from my farm.

::::0.25oz per stainless steel tin with slide lid::::

•NO Preservatives
•NO Water
•NO Petroleum
•NO Parabens
•NO Phthalates

☆Contains Vitamin E Derived From Organic Sunflower☆

Use as you would any cream concealer or contour cream. Only a small amount is needed.

This cream is ideal for individuals looking for real ingredient cosmetics for their sensitive skin. Aids the skin in firming and retaining hydration and is free from artificial chemicals and preservatives.

☆Protect and moisturize☆

Long lasting, Concentrated.

Cosmetic grade oxides, organic cocoa and organic Calendula are used to offer color. No Nano-Particles!

Ingredients: ☆Organic Unrefined Cupuacu Butter☆Organic Jojoba Oil ☆Organic Beeswax☆Medium Chain Triglycerides l☆Organic Castor Oil☆Cosmetic Grade Oxides☆Organic Calendula Extract☆Vitamin E From Organic Sunflower☆Organic Rose Extract☆Organic Cocoa Powder  


Offers SPF coverage.


If product melts store up right in refrigerator till set.

☆Wheat Free
☆Corn Free
☆Free From Preservatives

Do Note:  This product contains Cupuacu Butter. When the formula fluctuates in temperature, this can cause a bumpy appearance from the composition of fats in the butters. This does not effect the quality or usage. It will be firmer where the fats have clumped up but will still blend out easily with warmth and friction.


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Mineral Cream Contour

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