Free Shipping ||  Soften, soothe and depuff while brightening. Safe for use around eyes.

Please note:  This is a balm and not a lotion or cream. This product melts with friction or with warmer temperatures.

Titanium Dioxide Free Formula

NO Hydrogenated Oils

°•○•°☆°Packed With Organic Helichrysum And Organic Myrrh For Intense Benefits°☆°•○•°

•☆Water resistant formula☆•

Gently helps to diminish the look of fine lines, darkness and lock in moisture. Provides extended hydration. Formulated to brighten and cover.

A concentrated formula with high quality ingredients. Using organic and wild harvested ingredients from my farm.

::::0.25oz per Jar With Lid::::

Choose From The Following Shades:
•LIGHT: For Pale To Light, Cool Undertone
•LIGHT/MEDIUM: Light to Medium with yellow undertone
•MEDIUM: Medium Peachy Beige
•LIGHT TAN:  Yellow toned lightest tan shade
•DEEP TAN:  Warm/Neutral Deep Taupe

•NO Preservatives
•NO Water
•NO Petroleum
•NO Parabens
•NO Phthalates

☆Contains Vitamin E Derived From Organic Sunflower☆

Use as you would any concealer. Great for covering spots, pimples, scars, etc.

This eye concealer is ideal for individuals looking for real ingredient cosmetics for their sensitive skin. Aids the skin in firming and retaining hydration.

☆Protect, moisturize, and reduce puffiness in one☆

Long lasting, Concentrated.

Cosmetic grade oxides, organic cocoa and  organic turmeric are used to offer color. No Nano-Particles!

Ingredients: ☆Organic Unrefined Shea Butter☆Organic Jojoba Oil ☆Organic Coffee Extract☆Organic Beeswax☆MCT Oil☆Organic Cupuacu Butter Oil☆Oxides☆Organic Calendula CO2 Extract☆Vitamin E From Organic Sunflower☆Helichrysum Oil☆Juniper Berry Oil☆Organic Myrrh Oil☆Non-Nano Zinc Oxide☆Organic Turmeric and Organic Cocoa Powder  


High SPF coverage for all day protection.


If product melts store up right in refrigerator till set.

Contains pure unrefined beeswax, natural and organic oils, organic unrefined shea butter, Non-GMO vit.E., and therapeutic essential oils. Caffeine and zinc are added to reduce puffiness and help protect from solar rays.

☆Wheat Free
☆Corn Free
☆Free From Preservatives

Do Note:  This product contains Shea Butter and Cupuacu Butter. When the formula fluctuates in temperature, this can cause a bumpy appearance from the composition of fats in the butters. This does not effect the quality or usage. It will be firmer where the fats have clumped up but will still blend out easily.  


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