Stabilized Vitamin C in a light weight lotion created for the face. Perfect for Normal, Combination and Oily Skin. Doubles as a primer.

This is a real lotion and not a watered down mess like store and department lotions. A little goes a long ways.

Help your skin look its best. Lightweight moisture for most skin types: oily, combination and dry. With stabilized Vitamin C and essential oils for a healthy glow.

Most lotions and creams with vitamin C are not stabilized. Vitamin C oxidizes fast when in contact with air making it a useless ingredient. This formula is stabilized giving you the best potency.

Contains Natural SPF To Protect Your Skin From Too Much Sun Exposure

•Listing is for 1-2oz Bottle With Treatment Pump

Nourish, tone, and hydrate in one step. Citrus essential oils help break down sebum in the skin and gently remove dead skin cells. Natural, sunblocking zinc helps to block harmful rays.

This lotion is best for all skin types except for the super sensitive. Gently removes dead dulling skin cells with each use. Lightweight and absorbs fast. Includes SPF but is not intended as a sole SPF for outdoor use. Please follow with an SPF Foundation and or powder for day time.

Organic Vitamin C Intensive Facial Lotion For All Skin Types


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