Free Shipping || My little miracle worker || Works great on freshly shavened legs, baby's bum's, feet, under arms, face and more.


Safe for babies to adults.


2.5oz in a recyclable PETE jar with lid~A Very Small Amount Goes A Long Ways

~Do Not Subject To Heat As Product Will Become Liquid


This little cream is made up of a blend of organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, kokum butter, organic hemp seed oil, organic rosemary extract with clay and zinc oxide and essential oils.


●WATER FREE, PRESERVATIVE FREE Salve. Soothes Irritation

•Helps Skin Repair

•Helps Reduce Itching And Redness

•Loaded with organic extracts like Nettle and Chamomile

•Formulated for Use On Face, Hands And Body

•Water Resistant

•Great For Bug Bites To Reduce Itching And Swelling

•Handy Emergency Ointment

•Reduces chaffing and irritation on freshly shavened skin.

•Gentlemen suffering from rashes due to shaving can use this on the face after shaving and doubles as a moisturizer.

•Apply to sun burned skin that has started to peel to reduce itching and irritation.

•Diaper Rash Cream

•Dog rashes/skin irritations

•General SPF for regular sun exposure(roughly an SPF rating of 10)


This product can be used on babies for diaper rash, as a light SPF(I was out for two hours in the sun with no burn but a nice tan:), for razor bumps, and general rashes. This will make your skin lighter where you apply on darker skin tones. By using less you can avoid this issue.This cream contains no preservatives, has a shelf life of about 2 years.

Store away from heat and light. Storing in the refrigerator is recommended but not needed.

No nano particles.


•No Wheat

•No Gluten

•No Corn

•Soy Free

•No GMO's

•No Petro Chemicals

•No Artificial or Lab Created Ingredients

•No Water/ConcentratedCompletely safe and natural for protecting and soothing your skin. This is the go to cream of the summer!!What also makes this little number a winner is the fact that it doesn't rinse off with water or slide off when you sweat.


☆●☆Please Note:: Do Not Allow Water In To Product. This is a salve and not a lotion. Introducing water can cause product to breakdown and decay. No preservatives are included in this product. Use a clean/dry scoop or clean/dry fingers when handling☆●☆●


Directions: Scoop out a small portion, rub between palms until melted, then apply. Product will be more fluid in warm weather and become solid in cold weather.




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