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Welcome to Lis Noir Skincare, natural skincare, hand crafted from real ingredients

for a better tomorrow. My selection of products helps cover all your basic

needs. Utilizing farm fresh herbs, oils and waxes, synergistically blended for

optimal results. Simple, effective, minimal ingredients. Leaping Bunny

Certified. Hand Crafted, Artisan Made. From My Farm To Your Home.

High Concentrations, High Quality

Your skin is the largest organ on your body. Whatever it is in contact with effects your over all health. A study in the American Journal of Public Health looked into skin's ability to absorb and found, on average, 64% of total solution was absorbed! Knowing that, we must be more careful as to what we use on our skin but also what we feed ourselves! It is important to nourish, protect and fortify!

Lis Noir Skincare is the perfect solution, uniting plants to fortify the skin, hair and body. Crafted for easily irritated skin and for people with skin conditions. Once you get the hang of a more simplified, natural beauty routine, you will never go back! Real Ingredients for a better tomorrow. Heal yourself with nature*


Minimal Packaging


Food For Your Skin

Lis Noir Skincare, The

Forerunner In REAL

Skincare Since 2008


Fond of biology and nutrition, I gravitated toward formulating various

skin and hair care creations at a young age. When I developed a tumor

during my first pregnancy, in 2007, I felt compelled to move to the

country and create all of my family's bath and body care needs with

wholesome ingredients. Today, I create formulations here in Midwest,

Illinois to help my family and my customers be our best. I enjoy

growing organic herbs and raising heritage chickens in the spacious

country.  Come take a look at my Shop Section to see what I have

been up to.



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